SSC Result Online 2017 Dhaka

All the students of Dhaka board are eagerly waiting for the coming out result of SSC 2018. Every students, parents, teachers have kept their eyes on newspaper, tv channels and online. It is a career for a student which can help him to get his position in the society. They can do the welfare of the society being graduated from the board education. Whatever the ssc results coming out this year has created a storm among all the candidates. They performed very well in the examination from the Dhaka board so they expect a marvelous result this year.

There are many popular schools, madras has and vocational institutions from where many candidates took part in ssc exam. The most popular schools and other educational institutions are in the Dhaka city. The name of “vicarunnesa” and “Holy Cross” is mostly popular school in the Dhaka city. They make records of GPA 5 every year of ssc board exam. The same is being expected from these schools this year 2018. If the SSC results come out then we keep our eyes on these two schools mainly to see their GPA accuracy. This year all the Institutional students showed their proper attendance to make good result from Dhaka board.

All the schools of Dhaka boards gave some extra coaching care to the students of ssc. They took their exams several times 3 months before the ssc exam. Besides they arranged school coaching for the students where they were trained to prepare for the ssc exam. All these things together can give them good marks in the ssc this year and it is possible. Our Education Board Minister “Nurul Islam Nahid” has showed a great inspiration to the students of Dhaka Board. Getting support from the teachers and parents the ssc candidates prepared themselves well for the ssc exam.

Finally the situation got reached to the point that all the students did well in the exam hall. They got suitable questions in the exam hall to complete their writing job. Besides illegible question were made clear for them by the help of dutiful teachers of exam halls. No way to lose this year as the past years so we can keep on expecting good results from the candidates of our ssc batch 2018. They were very much hard working and talent to fight against the question and exam condition. So it can be hopped that GPA 5 is possible be more than the past year results.

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