Edit / Add to WikiNotes

To edit WikiNotes…

Go the page you want to edit. If it's editable, click "Edit" on the bottom of the page.

To add to WikiNotes…

You have a couple of options:

  1. create a new page - after "wikinotes.wikidot.com" type in "/whatever_page_name_you_want" and you can create that page
  2. upload what you want to add…
    1. scroll down and click "Files" at the very bottom of this page
    2. click "Upload a file from your computer"
    3. click "Select Files", find the file and choose it
    4. click "Upload files"
  3. submit what you want to add using the contact form

Things to edit or add…

  1. corrections
  2. add vocab
  3. add your own notes
  4. upload your notes
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