Chapter 8 13 Themes

Chapter 8

American Secedes from the Empire

Big ideas matter. Here are the most important themes for this chapter.

The over-arching theme of chapter 8 is that America drew out the American Revolution, and in doing so, won.

  1. Nearly every advantage on paper went to Britain during the revolution. They had better troops, training, a much better navy, experienced generals, more money, better weapons and equipment.
  2. The Americans had on their side heart and geography. America was very big and and ocean removed from England.
  3. Perhaps due to necessity rather than plan, American employed a drawn-out strategy where the war drug on for six years. America won by constantly withdrawing to the nation’s interior and moving on to fight another day.
  4. Meanwhile, as the war waged, the Declaration of Independence was written, signed, and approved.

The Treaty of Paris 1763 legitimized the new nation.

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