Chapter 31 13 Themes

Chapter 31

American Life in the "Roaring Twenties"

Big ideas matter. Here are the most important themes for this chapter.

The over-arching theme of chapter 31 is that America clipped along through the 20s at a fast pace and ran through many cultural changes.

  1. A “red scare” struck America in the 20s. Fear of communism resonated through society and was fueled by mail bombings.
  2. Anti-immigration ran high as well. Laws were passed to limit immigration, and specifically, to limit “New Immigrants” from Italy and Poland. This was illustrated by the executions of Sacco and Vanzetti.
  3. The “Scopes Monkey Trial” illustrated the new controversy of evolution vs. creation.
  4. Businesses had a good run in the 20s and consumers bought products wildly, often on credit or using an installment plan.
  5. Three Republican presidents were pro-business. The economy and consumers got to running too fast, and coupled with over-buying in the stock market, initiated the Stock Crash and Great Depression.

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